Motivation and Inspiration.

Sometimes it can be so hard to do things, even when you  love it. Exercise, work, sometimes even just getting out of bed can be hard! But I’m going to talk about some things that really motivate and inspire me and maybe you can find something that inspires you too!

Recently I have been listening to Podcasts on my way to work my day job. I call it my “day job” and not just “to work” because I want to make clear the fact this isn’t the ideal job, its just something I have to do for now. Sometimes when you have to do things you don’t want to, it can make you feel like your going in the wrong direction, so I have been listening to podcasts on my way to work that have been inspiring me and giving me tips, advise, listening to other peoples stories and how they got to where they are. It helps me realise that you don’t always start out in a glamorous job but it helps you get to where you want to go, and you just have to try and take something from every experience.

My favourite podcast of all time is “The Photo Biz Exposed” by Andrew Hellmich from Impact Images, check it out here: and look it up in Itunes, its great to listen to and he interviews and picks the brains of some very inspiring photographers with motivational stories.

Another motivational tool is YouTube! Which is taking the world by storm, everyone is getting on YouTube! But its great, there are many motivational people on there, and I follow loads of vlogs, not just photographers. One of my favourites is probably Nikki Phillipi, her channel is here.
She talks about a range of things from makeup, health and beauty, to living life to the fullest! And I always take something away from her videos. She gives lots of inspiring tips for life about working for yourself and being successful. Handy tips for small business owners. Another one I love and watch everyday is the Saccone-Jolys. Day in the life of these crazy Irish couple and there adorable baby, not only are they fun to watch but every so often Jonathan Joly will give a really motivational talk about life and general things which are great, you can find there channel here.
Really anyone who does YouTube as a full time job has something to teach you, because they are doing something creative and being successful from it.

Of course being a photographer, I am all about visuals, and imagery inspiration is my favourite. Tumblr is a big one for me and I could spend hours at a time on there! Again, I follow a whole range of people and blogs about fitness and fashion and photography, and the list goes on! But there are fantastic photos, art, inspirational quotes about getting off your butt and going for a run right down to chasing your dreams. There is something there for everyone! You can get creative ideas for shoots, motivation to get healthy, and like photos of cute cats.

So those are a few of my favourite ways to find motivation and inspiration to achieve things in life, and even if you’re a really motivated person you can always learn things from other what people are doing and what works for them might be a way that you never thought could work for you!

So go out there, explore and share what motivates you with other people! You could be someone else’s inspiration!

Happy Thursday x

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